British Columbia Health and Safety Manual Development and Review

For a lot of small and medium business owners or companies in BC, it’s almost impossible to give the right amount of attention to their health & safety programs/manuals because most of these businesses/companies do not have the resources to put a full-time staff as their health & safety coordinator.

We have certified Safety Professionals in BC who can assist clients in improving their health & safety programs/manuals and processes so as to become certified in BC. Our certified consultants will also help your company develop a culture of safety and quality standards.

Designed to: Enform, BC Construction Safety Alliance, British Columbia Municipal Safety Association. All manuals will be customized for your specific needs.

If you’ve created your own quality system manual, COR or SECOR safety manual, or other safety or quality systems manual, we can review your documentation prior to submission and provide advice and assistance.

Our programs can include any of the information below, and additional sections can also be added:

  • Health and Safety Policies
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Safe Job Procedures
  • Company Rules
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Training and Communication
  • Inspections
  • Investigations and Reporting
  • Emergency Response
  • Records and Statistics
  • Legislation
  • Orientation
  • Violence
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Commercial Vehicle Regulations
  • Light Duty
  • Waste Management/Environmental Policy
  • ISNetworld® RAVS information

Hazard Assessment and Confined Space Assessments

A hazard is any situation, condition or thing that may be dangerous to the safety or health of workers. A hazard has the potential to cause an injury, illness or loss. Some people think of a hazard as “an accident waiting to happen”. Potential hazards are those that are foreseeable and reasonably likely to occur. The purpose of the hazard assessment is to identify and evaluate those conditions that could lead to workers getting hurt or becoming ill. Injuries and ill health can ruin lives and affect an employer’s business if production is lost, machinery and equipment are damaged, insurance costs increase, or the employer is prosecuted.

We offer On-Site Hazard Assessment Services in Northern BC in various OH&S areas.

  • Confined Space
  • Active Construction Sites
  • Building and New Construction Sites
  • Demolition and clearing
  • Services and repairs assessments
  • Work at Heights
  • Residential and commercial assessments
  • Floods and other damages site safety assessments
  • Assessment Training and Classes.

The size and scope of the written hazard assessment will vary based on the complexity of the employer’s operations and the extent to which those operations present hazards to workers. The assessment may be only one page long, or may take up several three-ring binders. A single-page assessment is acceptable if it identifies all the existing or potential hazards at the employer’s work site and describes how the hazards will be eliminated or controlled.

We offer Hazard Assessment Professionals with experience.