DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the genetic blueprint that determines a person’s biological characteristics. We inherit our DNA in equal parts, 50% from our mother and 50% from our father.

At I.W.C.T, we follow strict Chain of Custody procedures for every DNA collection.

  • DNA paternity sample collection by a trained technician at our clinic, or our mobile service can be requested.
  • Valid government issued photo identification is obtained for all clients over the age of 18. Clients under the age of 18 require valid government issued identification (with or without photo). Identification is copied and remains with the “Chain of Custody” documentation.
  • A photograph is taken at the time of the appointment, or the donor may submit a recent photo that will remain with the ‘Chain of Custody’ documentation.
  • Fingerprints are taken and inked directly onto the “Chain of Custody” documentation.

Turnaround Time:

Once collected, paternity test samples will be shipped via overnight courier from our clinic to the DNA laboratory. Results will be complete within 5 business days, and copies of the final DNA paternity test reports will be forwarded to all individuals listed at the onset of testing to receive a copy.


We take care to ensure that complete confidentiality is ensured every step of the way, while at the same time providing a convenient and quick service.